Another Nice Day

Not much for a breeze and sunshine.. I suppose it was up over 30… Chance and I sorted off some of the older and younger cows yesterday who need a bit more tender care and feed and kept them close. Then today Cindy and I lured the bunch in we put them with and sorted off some of the fatter ones and kicked them up west.. they get fed, just not as much, as they have picking. Tate and Chance took two trailers and went and got some hay Chance had bought. Chance drove my new to me 95 Dodge and got along good until almost home then it made a funny sound. They left it and came home with Tates load, unloaded and unhooked then went and got the other trailer load. The pickup runs but has oil on top of the motor.. might not be anything big, but they went and loaded the pickup up and hauled it to the mechanic.. hopefully it is just a hose that blew off. Chance said it pulled like a champ. I had them put some real aggressive tires on the back yesterday at CBH and he said it pulled like it had chains on, on snow. We also got a load of cake in. Busy day but got a lot done…

7 thoughts on “Another Nice Day

  1. my calendar reads it’s your birthday today. Happy Birthday to a Good Hand and Very Good Poet/Musician…!!!

  2. well danged, for a change i’m a day ahead. Still Happy Birthday !!!
    When reflecting on the day,
    considering what you have won & lost.
    It’s better to keep your Pride & tell the Truth,
    No matter what the cost.
    (little ditty fer ya)…

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