And wind… and cold! No snow, so that’s a good thing..Cindy and i ran into town yesterday and dropped off an outfit that’s not running right and then went and got a new freezer.. the last one we bought, the lid got wrecked and it won’t keep shut tight so forms a lot of ice…we got a smaller upright.. put it in the basement of the new house.. just need to let it set awhile then plug it in and put food in it.. Chance and Hope came down and we practiced for the gig tomorrow… Hope isn’t going, but she has a mandolin and needs the practice.. she played with us almost an hour.. she’s learning fast. but then she’s pretty musical.. Chance and i drove down and looked at the cattle. calves are getting big.. everything seemed to be handling the cool weather well, but then they might be enjoying it.. a cow with a good hair coat is comfortable at 18 degrees.. might be why so many of the feed lots are in cooler areas..