Chance and I took off Saturday morning a bit before 6 and drove to Minot ND so we could play a gig for a farm and ranch store that was holding an appreciation day for their customers.. cool and wet the whole way.. we did the show and left about 7:30 and headed home.. got home about 1:30 Sunday morning… Got up and went to Mass in Faith on sunday as we missed the one out here on Saturday night.. went to men;’s group that evening.. today, I worked on a saddle and helped Tate with the house.. still cool and damp, but no rain.. not sure how much we got but there might have been 1.5 or even 2 all together.. at least I poured a lot out of a half barrel in the corral when I was catching horses this evening… we are going to help Eric ship calves early in the morning.. Cindy and Hope and Kass went to Faith for a ladies group at the church up there…

One thought on “Latest

  1. Sounds like everything is pretty darn normal on the ranch. House progressing, church, playing and singing. Nothing better than that 🙂

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