Got some rain yesterday.. not a big bunch but it will keep this green grass growing.. I love fall rain, now I am assured of a cheat grass crop, next year! 😀 We are going to need something to feed all the grasshoppers!
Cindy and I went to hot Springs last Friday for the Badger Clark Gathering. Had a great bunch of performers both on stage and off.. I was afraid this might be the last year for it, as Mary J, the lady who ran it in the past, had quit… but we have a bunch of people who are stepping up to help keep it going.. sounds like we will change the date it is on and get away from the Buffalo Roundup that is that weekend.. hopefully it will just get bigger and better!
Chance had to run to town yesterday so I rode along.. we dropped off some meat at Slim and Darlene’s in New Underwood.. cool and cloudy this morning, but I think the rain is done for now..

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