Chance and Hope, Cindy and I drove down south yesterday and looked at cattle.. when we got back, my friend Mick was here.. he was after some deer sheds to use for a gun rack.. had a good visit.. then after dinner I worked on stacking some small rock at one corner of the house.. later on, another neighbor stopped in to visit and look at the house, then later still another neighbor stopped to pick up a saddle i’d put new stirrup leathers in… I went up and helped Tate and Chance on the house this morning.. we were drilling pin holes.. they bore about an inch hole down thru’ 2 logs and into a 3rd one and drive a metal pipe in to help hold everything together.. so your drilling thru’ about 2 and a half feet of wood.. not hard to go down, but you have to keep pulling it out to clean out the wood.. doing this 10 feet or better in the air standing on an 8 inch wide surface… hard on your back and nerves! They broke for lunch so this afternoon hopefully we can get the other log on the exposed corner of the basement and I can get it all filled in with stacked rocks… cool and cloudy.. no rain, no wind today..

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