The poem

Carol asked that I post the poem I wrote for Bill.. here it is…


Marvis brought down your saddle
Asked if I’d clean it up real good
I told her I’d be proud to
I sure hope it worked like it should

I remember when she ordered it
Wanted it to be a surprise like most gifts do
I remember talking her in to telling
So you could order just what best fit you

Sounded like you were plumb tickled
When you got to go ride in it
Just the way you wanted
Both you and a horse, a good fit

I knew you’d do it proud
Always knew you were a hand
Hope you liked the way that
I carved and tooled in your brand

I don’t suppose I ever told you
I always looked up to you
Seemed to have life figured out
Like you always knew just what to do

I hate I won’t get to see you again
Well, at least not on this side
But I got a notion where your headed
Maybe someday we’ll still get to ride

That is if I can do things right
I’ll follow up there after you
I’ll try and use you as a role model
Just like I’ve been trying to do

Well, I got it all cleaned and oiled up
This work of wood and cow
We both shared in it from start to end
See you again Bill… so long for now

Robert Dennis
Reflecting on a saddle I built for a friend

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