Bill Munroe passed away in a tractor accident the other day and the funeral was today at the Community center.. a packed house of course.. I doubt you could find anyone who didn’t like Bill and Marvis. She called the other day and asked if I could clean up his saddle I built him, some years back.. I told her I’d be prods to. She dropped it off and I cleaned it a bit, tho’ it didn’t need much and then oiled it up… when I got done I came in and wrote down my thoughts.. I sent the poem off to Marvis and she called this morning and asked if I’d read it at the funeral.. not something I like doing, but how do you say , no? Hope it helped her and the family a bit.

We have been unthawing and cleaning the deep freeze, off and on for several weeks.. something comes up and we have to plug it back in.. finally got it all unthawed, but most of the meat was half thawed and half frozen, so we cooked up a bunch of steaks last night and I been making jerky out of the rest and the roasts… got a batch going now and some more to get done in the next few days… not sure when as Church in the morning and then Devils Tower Gathering at 1 pm… hopefully Monday I can finish it up…Cindy has plans of picking grapes on Monday, seems like we do that about every year…gapes are about the only wild fruit we have and I am not too sure how many of them we have.. guess we will pick what we have and she can make jelly.. Me? I’d make it all into wine! 😀

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