Chance and Gus and Sam helped and we moved the late claviers down south.. Chance took Sam and headed home and Gus and I went to open a couple gates so they could work their selves into the next pasture.. we checked their tank on the way back and it was broken and leaking.. I ran down quick to fix it and found I couldn’t.. so went home, we saddled back up and moved the whole bunch into the next pasture.. found a calf who was acting funny, decided it was over eating or blackleg or something, so when we got them moved Chance and I ran quick to CRS and got some anti box for the calf and some parts we needed, hurried home and jumped in Little Red and roves down, found the calf, got him caught and administered the anti box to him.. went and doctored another calf that was lame and a cow that was… this evening Lori came over and worked on carving leather and i worked on the skirts of a saddle.. she keeps coming, I may get these saddles done yet! She ate supper with us, we did some more and she left about 9. I am supposed to go help a neighbor in the morning ship his lambs.. I will take Molly and I bet she will have fun!