Must be July

It’s getting pretty warmish out there.. 90’s the last couple days, supposed to cool off a bit later into the week and maybe some showers…

Coming home from Church this morning, I got to thinking about praying and God answering our prayers.. seems sometimes we pray so long and hard for things that don’t happen as we want or as soon as we want.. but I imagine it’s hard for God.. how do you answer the prayer of a man who wants/needs a rian when his next door neighbor wants/needs it to be dry to harvest grain or a hay crop… which one do you choose.. I imagine he has to go back and forth and answer one, one time and the other the next time.. so sometimes you get the rain and sometimes you get the sunshine and if your not getting what you think you want/need, it might be because others around you need/want something different.. God in all his wisdom will make it good.. just give him time.. gives me hope for this country and world..

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