Stayin’ busy

Seems like theres alway something to do.. move cows to fresh pasture, worked on some waterlines. the new well is hooked up to the old well, so anywhere, there can be two wells pumping or we can shut off either well also.. going to put a tank in, Addy Bear and I took the big forklift down and got an old tire tank at a windmill we no longer use and brought it home.. I took the skid steer and tried to level a place for it.. hooked a waterline, above ground, to one set of trees… we needed to let the new well pump for several days to clear up.. when he dug it, he used bentonite and evidently it settles to the bottom or at least part of it, and you have to keep pumping until you get it all pumped out.. Chance and Hope fought it in their new bathroom,, plugged a screen.,, Chance was pretty hot, but finally figured out the problem and got it fixed… I had to work on a coupe tanks, one needed fill around it as it was all worn out and then something got in it and broke mthe float off.. also the over flow pipe so it didn’t make a mess, but I will need to get a replacement part for the float…the other tank was shut off art the curb stop, so I had to make some of them, seeing as someone stole the ones at the tanks.. I’ve got some big ol’ sucker rod from an oil well and the joints are just the right size to cut a notch in them and use them for a curb stop key… grandsons been helping move cattle every few days, rotating pretty fast, leaving quite a bit of feed behind, but trying to get all these pastures with crested wheatgrass, grazed while it’s still good, then if we catch a rain or two it may green back up.. either way, it needs chomped and grazed down about to 3 or 4 inches height.. the cows are getting better about the moves. They are finally figuring out to get their calf and go to fresh grazing… I mowed grass with the skid steer this boring, been building a new fence next to a tree planting.. We went in to the Ordination of two new Priests for our diocese last night. Always exciting to see these young men dedicate their lives to their people and God. One is somewhat of a neighbor, as he grew up south of us, not too far.. his sister goes to our church… everyone around here is trying to get ready for activities around the 4th.. we have a late bunch of calves to get branded real soon. Going to let the kids do most of it, with us to back them up and instruct and hopefully it will be fun for all.. got a few hot days so Gramma bought another cheap pool for the grandkids but I think I might go share it when it gets real hot again!









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