Cindy dropped off the Nitro awhile back, to get the damage fixed from a deer collision… they called and said it was done, so I rode to town with Chance and Hope and they dropped me off to get ti yesterday, when I got home, I picked up Gramma and we headed for Philip for the annual bronc match.. good watching.. some of tyne first string horses didn’t buck as good as they should, but out of 30 guys they got several bucked off, a couple missed them out and a reride or two… then they had the “wild ride”.. it wasn’t real wild, had the guys dressed up in super hero costumes, most of the horses just kind of ran, tho’ one bucked so hard he threw himself… then they had 8 of the best scores come back for a final round.. the group I was setting with all thrower 20 bucks a piece in the hat, winner take all in the final round, each picking a rider.. I said I’d take JJ Elshire.. guess who won? That’s right, JJ! So I gave them a 20 for beers all around, as we headed out… it had been threatening rain all evening and building to the northwest. didn’t happen while we were there… but when we got over by the Ridge, it started too rain and the further we went the more it came down.. maybe 3 to 5 bolts of lightning all at the same time and the wind really howled… I was down to 20 mph and having a hard time seeing the road, by the time we got to the river it was letting up a bunch.. the Cheyenne was up full and running… the further war went west the less there was, when we turned north on the gravel, you could see there’d been some rain.. didn’t appear like a lot.. tho’ the road was greasy, but what can you expect when they won’t put gravel on the road and when they do they mix so much dirt in for binder, it’s always greasy….when I got up this morning, I see there’d been place with softball sized hail and Cindy just mentioned a tornado over by Hereford… I think we got about a half inch.. now hail from the sounds of it.. me and Gabe sand Lige rode out this afternoon and moved pairs and sure didn’t notice any damage… just lots of horse flies, nose flies and some skeeters to pester us and the horses… it’s building off to the southwest right now and looks like someone is getting rain… it’s a green, wet ol’ country, I tell you!

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