Back at it

Got the cement poured for the footings of the house today..Wyatt came and helped.. sure glad he did! Man, that boy is a worker! Well, I guess really.……. he ain’t a boy, a young man! 😀

Got another saddle tree in today, so I guess I better get serious.. heading in to the Doc in the morning, see if my shoulder pain is rotator cuff or not.. did some research and sounds like you can heal them if they are not too bad, without surgery… but sounds like it has to rest.. a lot! That really doesn’t fit into my plans for the future real we’ll… 😉

6 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. I tore mine, just a little. When the did surgery I had more problems with having bursitis than the tear. Surgery was no fun! Hope you don’t need to go through with surgery.

  2. Try this. It’s good for arthritis, fibromyalgia, stiff joints and the like. I use it and it helps. The wifey loves it. It sorta numbs and is good for the skin also.
    Glad yall are getting started on the house, now Plenty of Pictures…

    1. Thanks.. you just rub it on anywhere it’s sore? As to the pictures, I haven’t had much luck loading any, for some time.. not sure what is going on…

  3. Well there are a few places ya don’t want to rub it..Also a little bit goes a LONG WAY. The Wifey has been rubbing her hands & wrist 3 times a day since the first of August last year, she still has over half of the 8 ounce bottle left. I have used a dab on my shoulder every week also. I give it a Very Good Recommendation. It’s got Lavender, Peppermint, Aloe and a mess of other herbs & oils in it. Bottom Line- It Helps…

  4. I hurt mine and couldn’t raise that arm above my head. I couldnt even put that arm in a coat unless I did it first..or buckle my seatbelt. I went to Physical Therapy, with exercise, rest, and ultra sound treatments and massage I escaped surgery. Now a days I still do the exercises when I think about it and don’t lift anything off to the side…lift in line with my body. I wish you good luck with your shoulder…I did get a cortisone shot in mine one time….that really helped.

    1. Thank you. I used to get the shots for my tendonitis, but then started just got the pills.. I usually have some on hand for when it flares up, but they can be hard on your bones, so seldom use them..

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