Seeing as our 36 Anniversary is coming up real soon, I suggested to Cindy that after Mass last night, we’d head over to Hill City ( about a 100 miles) and go to the bimonthly jam session there.. she thought that sounded good, so we did.. made a flying trip as we left here at almost 6 pm and it started at 7…I called ahead and got them too sign me up towards the middle… we got there and didn’t miss too many, watched and listened to some real good talent and then headed to Sturgis where we got a room as Cindy had to be at work by 6 am… of course, I couldn’t go to sleep in that hard ol’ motel mattress, so I sat up and read a book on my kindle.. Smiling Country by Elmer Kelton. One of the best books i have ever read of a real kind of cowboy life.. if you like that stuff, get it. it’s a good one!

She got me up about 5:45 after a couple hours of restless sleep, to take her to work, so I imagine I will sleep real good tonight! I ran on down to Rapid, ate breakfast and then went to an auction and looked around, and just generally putted around until about noon. Headed back to Sturgis, ate a bite then did some shopping and then went and waited at Cindy’s workplace, (reading part of another book with a short little snooze in the car(… she came out at 2 and we went to the bowling alley for Sam’s 7th birthday party. I even bowled and won the first game but then I couldn’t throw anything worth a darn.. we ate some cake and then headed home so I could get to Men’s Fellowship.. that is always worth the effort… now, I kinder think I will go sleep. Warm and windy and supposed to be up over 50 tomorrow.. sounds like we got nice weather until at least Saturday anyway and even then, doesn’t look to0 bad, from what I can see, but you never want to trust a lying weatherman! 😀

Molly was real glad to see us when we got home!

7 thoughts on “Fun

  1. Somehow I don’t think I have read any Elmer Kelton. I will have to fix that, just ordered Smiling Country from my favorite used book place (AbeBooks) less than $4 shipped.

    1. I think you guys will really like it.. while lying there, unable to sleep, I kept trying to figure out who should play the roles in a movie of it.. of course, they’d probably ruin it, like they do so many good stories from books… They did make the Movie, the Good Ol Boys, and it was from Elmer’s book and the same characters…

  2. I hate motel beds! I like soft beds (mine at home), unfortunately the ones at motels are harder than heck. I never pictured you reading a kindle. The hubby calls mine, The Fake Book 😉 Happy reads.

    1. I like a book better, but I like the fact that I can get cheaper books for the Kindle and get them wherever I am at, as long as I have Wifi… problem is, I spent a lot on books! 😀
      Oh, and yes, I hate motel beds, you’d think they’d offer a couple rooms with soft beds or an air support system.. I love my water bed…

  3. I finished up the book the other day. I liked it other than the old cowboy getting stove up, that might hit to close to home about not being able to do stuff you used too. 🙂

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