Got a bug of some sort.. some say flu, but didn’t seem, the same.. just a bad ache in the stomach and a bit of constipation and then scours… took me out of most things for a couple days.. better yesterday and a bit more today… probably running at 90 % . Colder today, we lost our spring like temps. Chance of snow tonight.. makes sense, Tate finally got the ice and snow out and ready to pour the foundation! Stockshow in Rapid started this last couple days.. I don’t know what or when I will go.. the idiots dropped the bronc match… may have to just go to the bronc and bull sale.. speaking of, I am thinking of heading to Waverly this spring for their big sale, lots of draft horses and everything top do with them.. I’ve always wanted to, might just have to do it, the boys can handle calving, especially if it’s held in March. We are not supposed to get any until about the first part of April, even in the boughten ones, they claim, tho’ I think they picked up a few March calvers… if you see me at the stockshow, holler at me..remember, I’m deaf! And I dang sure don’t want to weary my hearing aid around that deal!

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