Fun, but tiring…

Paul Larson and I met in Belle on Friday afternoon and went to Buffalo to perform for the Harding Country Stockgrower meeting.. good crowd, Rod Hoffman had some great food and Bill Johnson did a bang up job actioning off some kids for a fund raiser. After wards we followed part of the crowd to a local watering hole and stay and visited, sang and played until closing time.. pretty hard to get up the next morning, but we did, with a stop off at Ty and MJ’s for some coffee and cookies.. we called that breakfast.. I fed cows when I got home and even got in a wee bit of a nap before Mass at 4:30… Thanks Kass and Tate for watching the boys while I was gone..

Me and Sam and Gus fed the cows in and around the corral this morning, I am going out in a bit and do some sorting on them.. coldish, but not much breeze…

Chance called and said they were headed back fro the a sunshine… supposed to warm up the next few days.. be ok with me..older I get, the less I like cold weather…

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