Kite weather

If it was made reeaaallll strong!

Gust to 45 or 50 mph, they claim.. temp is dropping, but not a lot of snow, thank goodness.

Fed the cows real good… I got tired of having two bunches and trying to get every thing and the horses watered so turned them all together for a few days, when the weather moderates, I will sort the thinner ones off to baby and kick the rest back out too graze and just eat bean…

Worked on my guitar every day so far and leather almost every day.. got some DVD’s from Cary Schwarz and they are really worth the time and cost and they are not that expensive… in one, he draws out patterns and you follow along and do what he does.. dang he goes fast! LOL but I am starting to catch up with him… no horse work today, to cold and windy…

Finally got my bale unrulier all set up but I don’t have enough power to pinch one of these real heavy bales… back to the drawing board…

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