New Years resolutions

Why? Why do we do this to ourselves!

I resolved to attempt to work with my guitar, leather and horses every day… I think I would have been better served to just pick one a day! I have played the guitar everyday and worked with leather or learned more about the craft, everyday, but the horses things hasn’t worked out so well.. I got some instructional video’s from Cary Schwarz, a man who I admire for his ability with leather and am finally finding tome to watch them.. on the second one I watch, he draws patters and has you follow along.. man he goes too fast! Just got down with a half hour session and I am tuckered out.. even paused it a time or two and still had a hard time.. he sez that if I follow this every day for two weeks I will see a lot of improvement and I think he is correct.. I may have to buy more paper!

For anyone interested in this stuff, i would advise you get these DVD’s.. they are very good…

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