The New Year

2015.. who’d a guessed we’d live this long! If I’d have suspected it, i think I would have taken better care of myself… Cindy and I went to Mass last night and then home for a steak I’d left cooking in the smoker.. it was good, but a bit over cooked. need to run it on a lower temp next time I do that…I got up about 5:30 this morning, no hangover, no aches and pains (other than the normal).. sure seems odd., I remember when if I wasn’t hungover and hurting I would have figured I watsted New Years Eve… I am content with this feeling!

I decided for my New Years Resolutions I was going to attempt to work on my guitar and work with a horse or hotness and do somer leather work, every day.. well, at least until it gets to busy in the spring… so i did work on my guitar then this afternoon I went out and harnessed and hooked up Ron and Wren..hooked to the wagon and away I went.. Wren was better than the last time but still green.. Ron is about as bad, all he wants to do it trot or jog.. I got half a notion to just let them trot until they are tired and want to trot and then go trot some more.. but I’m afraid then they will think that is the normal way to go.. need to hook on to a steady pull and go until they are ready to calm down, how ever long that takes and then go do it again the next day and the next and the next, etc.., they are obviously getting too much to eat so they got left in a corral with no hay, but they do have water.. we’ll see how they are tomorrow and then hopefully I can keep them separate and just give them enough hay to fill their needs and not let them pig out like I have been doing.. at least until they learn to walk.. need to hook up Roz and her green mate, Rill too, but after one session with these my hands are cramped up… guess I need to get that bob sled rebuilt!

Hope everyone reading this has a fantastic 2015. Hope we have as good of grass and hay and the cattle prices stay this good or get even better! And I hope them boys get that house built this year! 🙂

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