At least interesting to write about.. just doing fall work stuff.. we will ship calves in a couple weeks.. may go help move some cattle for a neighbor tomorrow. Wind is howling and supposed to continue thru’ tomorrow evening and not real warm.. guess I will just have to put my wooly chaps on! Been using the new leather sewing machine and getting along better and better. been working on a new bale wagon for the team… ordered a 3500 pound winch for it today… making it bigger and stouter, as these bales are pretty heavy… been needing to make a new one for years now, this one will look like a factory job when i get done…. I hope! Tate and Kass hauled out another trailer pad of stuff this past weekend.. now they just have to get it all arranged in the house.. glad it’s them and not me.. guess we are going to build a house, at least Tate and Chance will be building it, but I bet I get roped into helping! 😀 Cindy has needed a nice ouse for a long time.. me? I just want something that looks cool  and it should.. and the boys are good enough carpenters I am not worried about that, just be nice to get it done and then we will have to move junk!

5 thoughts on “Nothin’

  1. Was thinking of you the other day: they showed a guy on tv who starts using horses again instead of tractors ! youpie!

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