I’ve been building a new bale wagon for my team, while cutting off an i beam yesterday I let the cut off part drop onto my foot… I was sure it was out of the way… but I was wrong! Chance had some business to do in town so I decided to get an x ray.. not broke, just real sore… Cindy had an old boot like they put on you and I wore it and used my cane.. it was well worth it as I got the senior discount at Pizza Hut for lunch! I knew this white hair in my beard was gonna pay off one of these days! NIce day, supposed to be windy out of the south east tomorrow… been looking at trailers and there just aren’t a lot of stock trailers, guess they build them for people who own horses and not cattle… may have to get an aluminum, but not too crazy about that… talked to my Amish guy last night, he sez them colts like to prance, he hasn’t driven them too many times, but has about 5 days on them.. I told him to get them to where they will stand at a gate with loose lines long enough to open or close a gate… guess Rill is touchy about her ears but is getting better.. anxious to get them home and hooked up…

5 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Sorry about that foot! Going today about a toe I dropped a very heavy pot on about 2 months ago. Watch for clots!
    Funny you mentioned about trailers. Heard a conversation similar to that just a few days ago.
    Hope all your family are doing ok and ready for cooler & wet winter.
    Have a great day!

  2. I feel your pain friend. Gave in and got me some steel-toed boots,(ain’t wore them since I was in the oilfield). They sure do help.
    When yall build the house be sure to put some plywood in the walls for mounting TV’s and heavy stuff, that & it’s easier to find than a stud…

    1. It will be made out of solid timbers, so I don’t think we need to worry about studs, but it’s a good idea!

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