Another day

Cindy and I got up really early to be in Custer at 7:30 to look at some houses Tate and Chance have helped build.. we are mulling the idea of a new house. Again! Hopefully it won’t end in divorce! 😉

Laramie was here and shod up some horses this morning, worked on the windbreak this afternoon.. had to wait for Cindy to bring me a special tip for the screws and I wore it out so need to get another tomorrow… maybe 2 or 3!

Looks like we could get a shot of rain this evening… we’ll take it.. got a couple gigs this weekend… and another coupe over Labor Day weekend, plus the one we always do at Devils Tower… Artist Ride next week and into the weekend… so got to get everything gathered up for that…

2 thoughts on “Another day

  1. Sounds like you will be using your vocal cords for a while. A new house, I keep trying to talk the hubby into one myself. I almost think it would be cheaper than trying to fix the one we have.

    1. Yeah, that’s what we are up against.. this is a heating monster and we could spend half the cost of a new one fixing and still have an old house setting on a swamp, so we will move up the hill, away from the water that is from 3 to 6 foot down, most of the time.. heck just the savings in a sump pumps would pay for a lot…

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