this and that

I got all the bales hauled, over 300.. got them ricked up in long rows.. they claim they will keep better that way.. watched kids the other day while Chance and Hope took Gus to town, he fell from his bunk bed and broke his arm.. we splinted it and they headed in.. they said the doc told them we did a good job… he has splints for a week and then they will cast it next week.. Casey and Rooster rode with me to Faith yesterday evening to watch the bronc riding, good horses and some great rides.. Jesse Bail won it on a rank and crooked one.. usually that kind don’t score very high, but he never quit spurring so I imagine that is what made him win it… I rode out and moved a cow and calf this morning and looked thru’ the others, went back after lunch and doctored a cow and a calf… was going to doctor another, but couldn’t find her… then I went over and helped Del and Clint stack some bales… there was a fire south of us so we quit to go to it, but they got it out before we could get there.. I have a gig tonight.. not sure what I will do tomorrow, maybe go help Delbert again, or go see if I can find that other cow who needs a shot… Cindy is hard at work with the rally and never talked to her last night and probably won’t tonight, she mostly just comes home and goes to bed and then up early and back at it.. she hates the rally.. I don’t blame her and glad I don’t have to go anywhere near it…

2 thoughts on “this and that

  1. Poor Gus 😦 If he had to break it, at least it was toward the end of the summer. I don’t think I would care to much for the rally either. Sure feel for Cindy!

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