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Tried to post on here the other day but it wouldn’t work, for some reason… We got the loader off the Kubota and hooked the mower up to it and I have spent some of yesterday and most of today cutting hay/weeds.. lots of curlycup gum weed growing up north and thought we’d cut it and them just rake it into big windrows and leave it for the cows to eat this winter.. if we could find some one with a baler, we’d get it baled, but everyone is busy trying to get all the hay put up… Cobbs came yesterday and cut on Harry’s place… Delbert called this evening and said they got it all cut, haven’t seen what all they did but there should be around 100 acres or a bit more.. looked like pretty good stuff when I showed Walt where to go and where to stay away from.. sounds like Clint didn’t get all the instructions and ran into some junk.. hope he didn’t wreck anything too bad… I went to Clark’s on Sunday and got my old 20 foot dump rake, Clark won’t sell it back to me and said he don’t want any rent, but if it works good I sure want to square up with him some way…I got a new sickle for the mower the other day in town and Chance helped me put it in on Sunday and it sure cut good.. I did knock out one section today but it didn’t take long to put a new one in… hopefully tomorrow I can get a bunch of this raked up.. but need to move our cows… moved the ones down south into a new pasture, or better way to pt it, I opened gates so they could go into new grass.. wind was wrong today so they ain’t found the gate yet, but there is still lots of grass where they are at.. also put out some salt for them and doctored 2 cows for sore feet with the dart gun as I had Gramma and the urchins with me…

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  1. Hay, hay. We have been trying to get some hay baling done ourselves, but we seem to keep getting rain at the most inappropriate time. Hard to do hay now that the son is working during the week just like the hubby is. I can mow and rake, but I don’t do the baling by myself. I have the hubby hook up the equipment before he leaves if the weather is conducive for me to mow. (which has not happened yet.) Sounds like your ranch work is progressing though.

    1. Yeah, I am doing this on my own also… Chance is always busy… went out this afternoon/evening and scatter raked all that got left behind when I bunched it and added it to the stack, stack looks much better now… I was gone from Friday until Sunday evening, so nothing got done around here… 😉

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