Weekend fun

Took off at 4:30 Friday morning and got to Chadron about 7 and picked up Marty and we headed west and south… headed to Encampment, WY for their Gathering… had a great time and of course any time spent with Marty is fun… got to do the night show with Caitlyn Taussig, Trinity Seely and RW Hampton… folks seemed to really enjoy it and I dang sure enjoyed it… they had a lot of great talent for the afternoon sessions also… the country all looked good, but hazy from all the fires in the north and west.. today, Tate came out to get his beef so he rode with me and Chance and also Gabe and Arabell, and we went down and got the bulls we lease and brought them home and turned them with the cows… then I went out and tried to bunch up windrows with the dump rake but didn’t have any luck so went and raked up all I’d left when bucking up across the rode then put the loader on and finished the stack.. turned out real good for the way I had to do it.. I need to come up with a hay head or figure out a way to put some teeth on one of these loader buckets and sweep all I have windrowed into bucker
piles… got hot today… supposed to get into the 80’s tomorrow.. and all this week looks like…

One thought on “Weekend fun

  1. Sounds like you did have a great weekend. You are ahead of us. We still can’t seem to get a break long enough to do hay (first cutting). 😦

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