If you look on the left hand side of this blog, you will see a blog roll, friends and people ,who’s blogs I read or check up on.. one is simply titled, Jeffro….

I met Jeffro thru’ reading his blog and comments he left on other blogs and eventually Facebook.. he was an over the road trucker and happened to come thru this area on occasion.. once, he called and let me know he was staying over in Rapid City.. I was busy, but decided I’d like to meet him so drove down and we had a short but good visit.. I am sure glad I did as he passed away just the other day… we’ve stayed in touch thru’ the internet ever since… he had been having some health issues and I hadn’t heard anything from him in awhile so finally went to his Facebook page and left him a note. He answered right away, but he was pretty down… I had been praying for him and let him know…  a couple days later I read he had died… RIP Jeffro, you were one of the good guys….