Another nice one

Warm, but cloudy with some breeze blowing, went out and kicked out some pairs this morning and then when I turned my horse loose remembered we had a bad eye’d calf who needed a shot, so ran to the neighbors to borrow some vaccine as mine is old or gone… went out and saddled Beaver, he needs some riding to get in shape for Grandkids… found and roped the calf, doctored him under mama’s watchful eyes… this evening Cindy and I drove up to Mud Butte for Mass as I am supposed to help a neighbor brand tomorrow morning… don’t seem like I got a lot done.. oh, yeah, drove a few of the neighbors cows out of Harry’s and cobbled up the fence at a watergap where they went back thru’… Rode Pilgrim this morning and he’s getting this spade bit deal figured out…

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