Wet and windy

Had a cow calve about 10:30 last night, in the tree patch, too muddy and wet and windy, but I gave him a chance to get up ad going… he didn’t.. so about midnight I packed him in to the house to warm up.. he stayed until this morning after daylight then he went to the shed and brought his mama in and put them together, he’s doing fine.. Chance did the same with one after he started checking about 3… we packed him in the house about the same time we took the other one out.. and eventually he warmed up enough to go out in the shed with his mom… saw one calving and got her in and also one who acted like she wanted too, bot them all in the shed together and they are warm but not real happy abut it.. cows are like people, they don’t know when they are well off! Another one was born today sometime. he’s been up and sucked and we just fed and put a bunch of straw around him and his mama.. we will keep checking him thru’ the night… and the rest.. hopefully they will keep their legs crossed until daylight.. got two horses saddled and in the barn… rest of the pairs are windblown and hunting dry ground… but seem to be doing fine.. we must have got over two inches. mostly rain with a little snow in the night.. supposed to do the same thing tonight and the wind is supposed to howl for the next several days, but start warming up into the 50’s by Wednesday.. it can’t happen fast enough to suit me.. but man the grass is going to grow now, soon as it warms up a bit…

7 thoughts on “Wet and windy

  1. I was thinking about your calves earlier today, the rain and wind are raw, those new calves need some warmth. They have predicted snow for us…we had one day of summer two weeks ago…maybe that was it:)

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