What I been up to lately

My friend Mike Tarrant was kind enough to post these to Youtube so I could share them…

This one is one that Paul Woods sent me some time ago… I finally got it close enough to pass it on to him to see if he was happy… he is..

This one, the words were by Jeff Mundell who wants to include this with a film he is making… he’s a buckaroo and handy as a shirt pocket! He just put this out there and asked any of his musical friends to see what they could come up with, this is my version..

Both of these recorded on my computer with Garageband, not external mic, so they are not as good as when i go into a studio and record them, I think both will be on the next CD… hope you like them.. I’d appreciate comments, good and bad, I’ve got thick skin…

6 thoughts on “What I been up to lately

  1. These are not showing up for me, so if you can click on them and make them work, please let me know, or of you can’t!

    1. Both are working for me. I did the easy part, words and music are lots harder than some simple tech stuff. You and the guys did good.

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