Another year

Older, that is…. seems like they are coming lots faster than they used to…. got another load of hay in this morning and gave one to the cows… they seemed to like it but it was hard to scatter it very far! Millet straw… Addy Bear spent the day with us and then the boys after school, gotten lots of phone calls wishing me a happy birthday and lot’s of “friends” on Facebook doing the same… All thew southern Grandkids called… my sister called, well the one I grew up with… Cindy made me some chocolate sauce to go on ice cream and i got some potatoes in the oven trying a new recipe… we’ve had a pretty hard chinook wind blowing the past couple days and supposed to keep it up for a few more at least, so maybe they will eventually get some of this ice gone, if not, oh well, we will get by.. Cindy and i drove to town on Saturday morning and I dropped her off in Sturgis to watch Lige and Gabe wrestle while I went on to Belle to get my wood that was being sawn up.. had our first mens fellowship in quite awhile here last night and it was a good one… we visited long past when we normally quit and everyone seemed to enjoy it… sure a good group of guys…

7 thoughts on “Another year

  1. Sounds like an awesome day. Grandkids make the days and nights perfect. Special chocolate sauce on ice cream. You’ll have to share you potato recipe!
    Glad you had a fun day!

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