Has past for a few days anyway, up in the 20’s today.. supposed to be a bit cooler tomorrow and then up in the 30’s for a day or two… didn’t check much past that. … suckered the cows into the corral with the team and a bale only it didn’t work so saddled Pilgrim and drove them in… sorted off the butcher steer and the fence crawler who had escaped… went to Punkin Center and got a hair cut and some food and  food for the dogs and cats.. when i got home i let the cows out of the corral and kept in the calves and a couple of thin and sore footed cows… the mama’s to the calves ought to be standing there bawling in the morning and I can sort them off… I’ll keep this bunch up close and feed them a bit better.. Bart is supposed to come and get the butcher steer in the morning… sounds like Cindy and Tyler are having fun in Santa Fe… hopefully I will get to see what they are seeing one of these days…  I got the school boys this afternoon and they are watching some BS show about the Arctic…  dang liberals!

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