It must be winter

Cold and supposed to get colder, and windy… below zero… high of minus 6 tomorrow and drop down around 15 below or so and the wind is going to howl I guess.. I fed early this morning and then went over to Glen and Janet’s and helped them shear sheep until about 3 then came home, fed some more and went to Mass at 4:30. I took Buck and he was pretty fair help.. he acted like he was afraid to bite a sheep but started catching on by the time I left… Dusty and Mindy came out yesterday and brought me a load of bales and the weather being the way it is, Cindy rode back to town with him so she didn’t have to drive. Tyler is picking her up after work tomorrow and they are headed south… I was planning on going along but with this weather, it just wasn’t going to work out…guess I will have to have better weather before I can go on a vacation…

4 thoughts on “It must be winter

  1. As last you’re a tad closer to the backside of this Canadian freak show than I am. Seven below just now, heading for minus 20 for two more nights. That’s supposed to make you feel better, but I don’t guess it will. πŸ™‚

    1. Well…. your going to stay colder than e, longer… yeah, your suffering more than me… okay, I can see how that could make me feel a,little better… πŸ˜‰ LOL

  2. Happy New Year. It is a tad chilly here in Minnesota too. How is your new pup Meg working out? Stay warm! Hard on critters, the hog farmer down the way lost a farrowing barn furnace and water froze up. Luckily he had heat lamps on the little pigs. No fun to farm in this weather.:(

    1. She is very much a puppy, but seems like she will want to work cows, when i allow it, when she gets older… I need to go to the neighbors with some sheep and train on her

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