Cold and windy…

Just another day in paradise!

Had to ether the tractor even after it was plugged in all night… me thinks maybe the block heater is no good…and so lovely to change out even when the weather is nice…

It didn’t drift real bad around here, made a track for hope and Cindy and they took off, late… I fed and came in and been putting around and working on leather…

One thought on “Cold and windy…

  1. Nothing like a cold tractor that doesn’t want to start. It seems to happen when you need the darn thing the most too! We keep the 1066 plugged in most of the time, especially since that is the tractor we use to run the generator if we need it. We have been pretty lucky so far and haven’t had any problems with the block heater. Stay warm, don’t work to hard out in the snow drifts!

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