Karen’s Memorial

We got it done.. had friends and family there, considering what the weather has been doing and what all the neighbors have been thru’ and are still fighting, we had a nice crowd…many would have liked to have been there, but the weather didn’t cooperate… Fr Tyler did a wonderful job and Theresa sang beautifully…Dusty brought horses to me and the rain and wind were picking up so I headed home pretty quickly afterwards…Got the two horses settled, the other horses in the corral for protection and went west to see if i could get all those cattle on the creek, upwind of the buildings so in case it got bad they’d drift in to the big tree patch.. every thing is where it ought to be and hopefully it won’t get too bad…Cindy stayed in town so she wouldn’t be stormed out tomorrow…either that or she is just sick of my company! 😀 Rain and wind at the moment, hopefully we won’t get much snow and the winds will let up… not as bad as the last one… so far… but we are all holding our breath!

4 thoughts on “Karen’s Memorial

  1. Robert, I found you while doing research on Buck Bucholz. Kim Shade mentioned him while I was helping Kim put up his 2013 hay. The rest is history. I’ll be following your blog. Thanks!

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