Tree day

I picked up the grand kids on the way to check cows and they hung out with me until the tree planter came. We got them planted except for a few hand plants and then I went to get watering drip hose at CRS, but they were out. so Cindy will have to get me some tomorrow in town, I guess…we planted several rows on the upwind side of Chance and Hopes house and a couple rows out behind our house..we just sod them in and then put a drip hose on, so we don’t have to farm up thew ground.. as long as you have access to water, it’s a great way to do it…got a new calf today, not many left to go..grass has really been growing… we are supposed to spay heifers tomorrow if we don’t get rained out..Buck and I gathered them into a small lot this evening, well Pilgrim helped too as I rode him. 🙂

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