Another sweet spring day

Gramma and I picked up Hope and the kids when we went to check cows this morning and the boys just ended up staying with me or us all day…we went and fixed on a tank Cindy and i had worked on the other day and had a blowout when we turned the water on,m on top of the dry cement, in the strips. So me and the boys finished fixing that,. went to Punlkin Center where they coerced me into buying them an early lunch..I was trying to get in a nap after wards when we got home when Cindy hollered and told me I had a horse breeding a mare ion the corral. That woke me up real good! I went an sorted off the yearling stallion who is to be gelded on Thursday when the vet comes to spay… I sure hope he wasn’t successful… and that he didn’t breed any others, but by the way he acted, I’d say this was the first one… I rebuilt a bit this late afternoon for the tiny ponies…we’ll see how it works first chance we get…


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