Rain, blessed rain…

Started Saturday night and been cloudy, misty and rainy ever since… so far I think we are pushing 3 inches, tho’ with no rain gauge and just using a bucket or a pan and my finger or a measuring stick, it’s hard to tell… I gave up on rain gauges as all my neighbors told me mine was always lying, I either got more or less than them and guess what, theirs were always right and mine always wrong, so why bother?

I am just very thankful for the rain, now the pasture cattle can come…be here end of the week…

Went to a branding on Saturday and a guy i met on the internet showed up yesterday a little after noon and left today about noon. Lee, who makes fantastic doodles. I think I have his site where his art work on my blog roll on the side. Nice guy and gave me a few pointers on drawing out my leather carving patterns that I think will really help…

Gus graduated from kindergarten today. He was proud. Heck, I didn’t even go to kindergarten so he’s done more than me already and only 6 years old.

Bad weather in Oklahoma today, can’t find any news much about it other than a tornado or two devastated a big chunk of a town or city.. so sad….

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