This evening while driving around and looking at cows, Gramma and I found a roaming prairie dog….the hunt was on! With no gun (why? I don’t know!) I tried to drive over him but he was too quick…so I tried siccing dogs on him but all they saw was cows to chase, so while hollering at one dog to come back and the other to lie down, all the while running a foot and chasing the p dog, I thought of my belt knife. I threw and nicked him. He had stopped and was trying to blend into the grass but sadly for him, there is very little tall grass this year! Ha! So I kept chasing and calling dogs with an occasional knife throw… I got him pretty solid and finally he stopped to put up a fight… he lost, I won… Ha!

Now, for all you furry animal fans who think I am cruel I have several points to make out…

A. I am a predator just like anything else who would have tried to kill him
B. If you think it is wrong to kill a fuzzy little animal that can over populate in the wink of an eye and make lots of problems, don’t you ever set another mouse trap, have a cat or dog who will catch mice or ever put out or use mouse or rat poison ever again..
C. I got a great cardio workout in the chase and I think that is probably more important than one stinkin’ p dog..
D. I did not rise up to the top of the food chain to allow a p dog and his buddies to over populate my land that I bought and paid for, pay taxes on and raise food to feed you and the rest of the world, on…
E. If you like fuzzy little creatures so much, I suggest you go buy some land and turn it over to the fuzzy little animals, but if you let p dogs get over run on it don’t be surprised if your neighbors all take you to court and sue you for wanton disregard for their land when your p dogs travel to their land and set up house keeping…

Last branding for a few days today, good crew, good day and great food! Supposed to be a chance of rain thru’ at least Tuesday, according to my weather chart…we sure need it!

12 thoughts on “Ha!

  1. We have problems here with wild hogs that tear up fence, dig holes that cows step in and break a leg and ruin the grass and can be mean. My son has to shot some of them from time to time and then he hears how cute the little pigs are and how can anyone shot an innocent animal for not reason. When these hogs get into a nice sub division and gear up lawns it is a different story.

  2. I think we should catch prairie dog pairs and turn them loose in the lawns of environmentalists. Then they could mow their grass, and aerate their lawns, and look so darn cute with all their plagues and fleas and poo pellets . . .

  3. Killing the varmit with your throwing knife, and your wife as a witness. As my wife tells me, that’s almost as good a having pictures. Maybe you could work into a song?

  4. My visual image of you running after that prairie dog reminds me of running at night in my altogether chasing a possum with a pistol and a flash light. In about 1970 when I got my 7mm magnum, the first thing that I shot was a prairie dog, no over kill when it comes to prairie dogs.

  5. I think that the government should subsidize ranchers to provide prairie dogs for a re-location program. And nearly every town has a nice green golf course that would be ideal. Prairie dogs would provide plenty of new holes in exchange for grazing privileges, golf course managers would not have to mow, and golfers could enjoy watching the dogs in their natural habitat.

  6. I recall finding one in Grandpa’s winter pasture and Bud Longbrake and I ran it down. We used our leather belts to get him slowed up so that we finally got him. Obviously many many years ago.

  7. We don’t have cute little P dogs here..just Chipmunks that are swiftly dispatched by the Pellet gun or the dog. Pesky Varmits.
    You tell a good tale..glad you were the victor.
    I Kinda like what Teri said..maybe a few environutsos could break their legs after stepping in all the holes too:)

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