Cold wind..

Just keeps hanging in there….my Apprentice saddle maker came out Monday morning and also Andrea Graham our resident Folklorist who interviewed us and check on our progress…I fed them steak fajita’s for lunch and then Andrea took off and Tee and I worked on saddles for a spell. AI had to leave him at it and go pick up Gus at the bus and then on to Rapid to drop him with his mother, meet up with Cindy and go to the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral and then home afterward. the Chrism Mass is where the Bishop blesses all the Holy Oil that will be used this year for Baptism and Last Rites and any other Sacrament where Holy Oil is used. it is also a time when all the priests of the Dioceses are there and they all renew their vows of Holy Orders. The choir did an excellent job and it was great to be a part of. I stopped and did a little shopping before I met Cindy. she had been at a Church conference/workshop. Said she learned a lot and had a great time. She had caught a ride in with some folks from Faith who were going to the same thing.

Today I fed and have been catching up on odds and ends and doing some leather work and trying out some new flowers and background dying. The dying didn’t go well and I don’t think I will be doing any in the near future….I just finished cutting out a new pair of chinks for me out of bison hide….wait until you see what I am trying! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cold wind..

  1. I sure want to see how your new chinks come out, this is the second or third time you have hinted at doing something different. We didn’t work out many details but I do want to get a pair of traditional armitas out of some of that bison like we talked about.

    1. Call me and I will see if they still have some and what it would cost. Do you want to build them or did you want me to?

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