I took off yesterday afternoon and met Cindy and we went to Chuck Timmons wedding, stuck around for the after part and ate some real good smoked brisket that Jim had made. we had planned on going to Hill City for the open Mic but the weather was getting nasty and I’d had a report it was worse down south so we played it safe and came home. When we crossed 4 Mile creek and looked south you could see the snow lying on the breaks down there so evidently we were just on the north edge.

This morning we got up and drove up to Mud Butte for Mas, seeing we had missed it the night before. after Mass we went to leave and the keys were somehow locked in the car! I blamed it on Cindy and she blamed it on me and we tried the old wire from a hanger trick and it didn’t work, nobody had a tennis ball so we could try that trick, so Joe McTighe took pity on us as there was a stiff southeast breeze blowing and it was cold! We finally got a hold of Chance and hope and Chance and Colby Shearer, who was up visiting came and got us, drove us to the car and we came home. Oh, they had gotten the extra set of keys at the house and brought them up. Colby told of phoning us and having us place the cell phone on speaker next to the door and they would push the open button on the other set, but they couldn’t get service to call us. I wanted to try it when we got to the car, but they all said it was too cold, so we didn’t. I am going to get a tennis ball and try that trick and also the cell phone trick too, to see if it will work…wind is howling and it isn’t very warm. Chance and Colby rode with me to feed the cows with the team when we got back and it was pretty nice when we started but about halfway there it really started to blow. think I will feed with the tractor in the morning as I need to set some more bales down anyway. My apprentice and the folklore lady are supposed to come tomorrow and the Chrism Mass is in Rapid tomorrow evening. Cindy is going to ride with some other folks to some church deal at Terra Sancta and I will drive down and meet her for Mass afterwords.