Wind dies down

Colder, but sunny and just a lite breeze. I had broken a piece on my bale unroller the other day so I worked on that this morning. Pretty simple fix, just had to shorten a pipe that hold the arms open at the top and install it. Of course I did mash my hand doing that….As my buddy Marty always tells me, “You ain’t got no mechanical skills, put that wheelbarrow down!”

Got the team hooked up, fed, took out some more bean and came in to work on leather on my saddle. Carving on the back of thew cantle. Kind of difficult but when I try to shape them, take them off and carve them flat, when I put them back on they always seem to get crooked and distorted…so I am waiting on leather to get right to stamp, I have the carving done. Got steaks thawing for dinner. Might have to make some cheesy, garlic mushrooms to go with it….

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