Not too much…

happening around here. the wind has been blowing out of the south east and the temp sez it ain’t that cold, but it feels like it. Got maybe an inch of snow today. sounds like folks south and south east of here are getting hammered. I suppose it’s waiting to when most are calving and then we will get our share!

Had a flat on the front tire of the tractor yesterday so pulled it off and took it over and got it fixed and picked up some dog food. Put it on this morning and seeing as i had to start the tractor to raise the front end up I just went ahead and fed with it. Had to break ice on the tank this morning for the first time in quite awhile… all the cattle and horses are drinking out of it, so it has to get fairly cold before it will freeze that hard and even then the horses usually have a hole broken or gnawed thru’….

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