On Saturday morning I visited with my buddy Paul from down in the Hills and he reminded me that there was an open Mic night at Chute Roosters in Hill City. such nice weather I decided to go and at least listen to him as he is recovering from a broken wrist and was playing. I called Cindy and she was up for it, so Hope dropped me off at Cindy’s job as she had to follow Chance in as he was dropping their pickup off for some work on it. Cindy and I had a leisurely drive thru’ the Hills by way of Deadwood, got to Hill City early enough to try out the Mexican cafe I had heard good things about. Great food at Rico’s! Then we checked out the Farmers Daughter store. cool place with lot’s of neat things in it. Hope and her sister had set up there awhile back and passed out cupcakes and took cake orders for their Two Sister’s cake making business and had told Cindy about it. Then we drove up to the gig and visited and waited and when Paul got there he had me sign up for the open Mic. They had a great bunch of talent and one of the best audience I had ever been lucky enough to perform in front of. Very respectful of the performer and all types of music and all great! They even said they liked my set! I would urge anyone to get to it before they quit for the season . Held every other Saturday at 7 pm as I understand it. We didn’t have to pay a cover charge and I was told performers got their meal for half price, so that was cool. Next time I will eat after I get there! I think there are two more in March and then they are done until next fall/winter. Sure would be fun to get something like that going out here….

We spent the night in Sturgis on a miserable hard bed at a Motel I will not be going back to. when I pay for even a few hours in a bed I expect to get a little respect from the person checking me in, not a bunch of back talk… and the bed was hard! I got a couple hours of sleep. Cindy got me up and I took her to work and then drove to Spearfish and had a long breakfast and rad the Sunday paper and then went to Mass and got to hear Fr Tyler’s homily. As always, an excellent job by him..

Then when Cindy got off work we drove to Rapid and met Tate and Kass and kids at a bowling alley. We were celebrating Gabe’s 8th birthday early as he will be 8 tomorrow. I didn’t even give him his birthday spanking! We went to Golden Corral to eat after bowling and then they were off to a movie and we came home… I slept real good part ways thru’ the night and woke up itching so got up, took pills and watched TV until I was groggy -the pills do that to me- sure didn’t want to get up this morning…windy and cooler with some weather coming in tonight or tomorrow. hope had to take the kids to town as Sam is real sick. Pneumonia in both lungs and they have to wake him every two hours and try and heal him up with a Neb machine. Gus and Addy Bear are to use it Chance came home from work to help with the kids….hope he’s feeling better tomorrow. He is such a tuff little guy that you don’t realize how sick he is until he’s really sick!

So Happy Birthday Gabe. See you in a few weeks when thew weather is better and we will ride horses, buddy!

3 thoughts on “Fun…

  1. Poor little ones! Alan had to use a nebulizer when he was a little guy, and although it helped, those weren’t the best of times. Hope they all feel better real soon.
    And I loved the pics of you and Paul riding the horses.

  2. Nothing worse than sick ones, especially the little ones. They usually seem to get the worse this time of year. Hope that he gets to feeling better soon. Happy Birthday to Gabe! Sounds like you and Cindy had a good time. I hate hotel beds! Matt loves a hard bed, but not me. We bought a sleep number bed and I love it, I can have it as soft as I want and he has his side as hard as he wants.

    1. We’ve had a couple of them. One is upstairs. We prefer our waterbed, always nice and warm and soft. It has individual mattress’ so we can each have it the way we want.

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