Some sad news..

Just got word that Cindy’s Gramma Ruby passed away this evening. 99 years old. She had not known most people for sometime, yet was in good health for her age. A sweet little woman who’s face I will always see in our grand daughter Arrabelle Ruby Ann, who carries her name and I can see Ruby in her bright blue eyes and the dark hair and impish smile.

Ruby was a tiny little women who always had a smile, tho’ she used crutches ever since I knew her. She had four son’s and a daughter, who is Cindy’s mother. Cindy was the first grand child and spent a lot of time with her grand parents. Matter of fact, she was pretty sure, as a young child, that she was the only real grandchild and wasn’t too happy when she had to share with her cousins!

Ruby told of her grandmother, who was a tiny little English born woman and in many way’s I believe Ruby was much like her. She always made me smile and will be missed.

RIP Gramma Ruby, the only Gramma I ever really got to claim also….

8 thoughts on “Some sad news..

  1. My condoleances to Cindy! What a chance to have had a Grandmother… All of a sudden made me cry… you know how to write your feelings and that is a great gift! Hugs to both of you.

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