Let’s see….. how to sum up the past year….

Frustration, achievements, loved ones lost and gained…as always, pluses and minuses…

Mild winter and a dry summer, driest on record around here. We ended up with around 8 to 9 inches of moisture. the old grass left over from the year before carried us thru’ and is still helping as I am not feeding a full feed yet, except to a few cows sorted off and they are getting extra bean also…

We gained a new grand daughter in May. Welcome CC. We lost some old acquaintances and friends…RIP.

Cattle market was good, so it seemed, but then everything we have to buy costs more, so it is hard to see that we are any better off.

The election in November was not as I would choose, but then, I am not in charge and that is probably a good thing.

Chance and Hope and kids moved home this fall and finally got their trailer all set up and moved in for Christmas eve..it will be fun to have three little grand kids underfoot this coming year.

Dustin is back in the area and I am looking forward to getting to hang out with him and have him ride some horses for me.

Everyone is healthy and fat, for the most part in the family, so we are blessed with that.

I have some upcoming gigs with friends in the new year and am looking forward to that also. A trip to perform and get to play with friends on the West Coast in February is something I am looking forward too.

When I take a tally, it seems we have fared well, much better than many. I have much to look forward to and little to really worry about in this new year. Here’s hoping the same can be said for all my friends…may the Good Lord bless us all…