Evidently they were wrong….

The Mayans… but then what do you expect from a bunch of people who thought eating each other for food was a good thing? 😉

Sunny, no breeze, just a real nice winter solstice or what ever it is. Least amount of day light anyway and the daylight hours start getting longer now!

Hooked the team up and hauled a bale up north west. still some grass up there and the tank is working so if i can convince them cows to go up there, they could get some more grazing. Then this afternoon after Gus got home early from school, he and Sam rode in the calf sled as i went back up with the lowboy and we moved the bean and mineral feeders and put some more bean in. The team got a pretty good work out today and so did I. Chance and Hope had to make a run to Punkin Center, so brought our half of the beef home. After I got it in the freezer I went up and helped Chance work on skirting their trailer. I’d worked up a sweat before that and came home a bit ago and was chilly. Just cutting 2×4’s wasn’t enough work to keep my engine heating properly….

Cindy still isn’t feeling up to snuff so won’t go in to work tomorrow. Chance was hackin’ and coughin’ while he was working. sure be glad when all this sickness is past…

7 thoughts on “Evidently they were wrong….

  1. I still say they should have found a bigger rock…Hope all yall get better! We’re starting our Christmas celebrating tomorrow. All Yall have a Safe & Merry Christmas!!!

  2. A friend pointed out this — Friday’s edition of the Omaha World Herald had the date in its’ usual place across the top but was followed by ” take that you Mayans” Har. Har.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Jb ! Hope you as well as your family are feeling better. I enjoy your posts always.

  3. JJ, if I remember right, your over in north eastern Iowa aren’t you? If so, you may be interested that I will be over performing in that neck of the woods in late January… I will post more info on here later…

    1. We are in the hills about 45 miles east north east of Omaha, Ne. I would love to see and hear you perform. I have been watching your cowboy website (with them other two fellers) and wondering/wishing that something would work out somewhere down the trail… I’ll watch for your Jan. info.

      1. Oh, I must be thinking of someone else. Well anyway, I shall post any upcoming engagements. Heck, get us a gig and we will all come see you! 🙂 Merriest of Christmas’s!

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