I got most of my chores done this morning and then Hope andSam and I took off for the big city to get stuff fro their trailer house. We shopped for a few things, I took the laptop back I had got last week as it just wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. Got another used one and it will do more than my table top model. Newer, so it ought to. It’s a Macbook, I think….hey! I am old and dumb about these things. I am typing this on it. First time since high school my typing class has come in handy as I can type with all fingers the way I was taught. I never could before as I learned on a manual and when I tried to rest my hands near the spacebar as I was taught, a lot of weird letters would come up on these computers and electric typewriters……. I haven’t quite got the hang of whatI was taught, but I am using many more fingers than I would usually use!

Got up to 40’s in Rapid today. Not quite that warm here but nicer and supposed to be even nicer tomorrow!

Gus had his school Christmas program tonight. Sure more fun to watch all them kids than anything on TV!

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