Short night, early morning…

I woke up about 1:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep so got up and watched the idiot box until 4. Cindy was up and getting ready to head in to work. I woke at at 5:30 and Cindy was on the phone. she had hit another deer and she was mad and frustrated. Was meeting another car and saw one run across between them and them wham, the next one hit her. She thought she had really messed the car up so I dressed and headed it. When I got there the plastic bumper was hanging down and I took my knife and cut it off under the fender. She had two lights on bright and one on dim so she followed me on into town and took the car and left it at the auto body shop where she was taking it to get it fixed from the last encounter awhile back. I went back after they opened and it didn’t look like there was much extra damage from what they were going to fix before, but he called this evening and it sounds like there was so they may total it out, what with the miles on it…I scurried around town getting paperwork and stuff for her on the car and paid my taxes then came home, stopping at Punkin Center to get some mineral and salt for the cows and some pellet for the stove.When I got home I unloaded the pellets, loaded some bean and went up west and put out bean and salt in a couple places also leaving some mineral tubs. Came home and unloaded the last few sacks of salt then worked on sealing the door on Purple.I snapped a few shots so if they turn out I will post them tomorrow, probably..

Donny was up hauling gravel so I talked to him about hauling a couple loads in for the kids drive way. He didn’t get to it today, so maybe tomorrow, tho’ there is a chance of rain and snow tonight and the next few days and supposed to get cooler. Probably got up to 60 today…

5 thoughts on “Short night, early morning…

  1. Glad that Cindy didn’t get hurt, I hit a deer only once, and I hope it is a long time before it happens again. I had a newer van and I hit a buck, and did over eight thousand dollars of damage. It went over the top of the van, both air bags had deployed and I was very lucky it hadn’t come into the front wind shield. My girlfriend’s daughter bought me a little angle to put in my car and so far I have been lucky, I have come close to hitting one but missed! Not a good way to start your day 😦

  2. Dang, same thing is getting to be a real problem here. The kids have all hit deer. I have hit deer. My nieces have all hit deer. Sorry to hear about your car and glad Cindy is okay.

  3. Ladies, this is about the 5th or 6th she has hit. Fourth for just this year alone…. Most have done slight damage or no damage. Guess we are going to have to get her a pickup with a real good grill guard on the front!

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