It’s here…

The kids trailer house. Older one, but in good shape seems like. 16 x 70. Now they can start fixing, for the rest of their lives… 😉

I have been working on a new drivers side door for purple. Got it finished today. Doesn’t conform to the slope of the body very well, but I will come up with something to make it a little more weather tight…has a sliding Plexiglas window.

Nice with a little breeze. got a big load of energy bean in the granary today also. Guess we are almost ready for snow!

5 thoughts on “It’s here…

  1. Make sure those water lines have frostex on them spent alot of my younger days thawing out pipe, . well insulated. but your in gods country there.

    1. Not sure what frostex is but they will have heat tape and lots of insulation as it can get down to 40 below around here at times….

  2. I heard this morning that you would have 60 degrees today..lucky you! Tell your kids they can sometimes unthaw with a hair dryer if they have freeze up problems. I remember those days well..and I can wield a hair dryer:)

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