A beautiful Easter day

Even if the wind did come up. but I’ve seen lots way worse than this.

Had a nice crowd at Mass this morning. Had a good visit afterwards. When I got home I saddled up Woody, the old horse. Gonn’a be 21 or 22 and acts like a colt. He had spent the night in the corral so was anxious to get with his buddies. We jogged out around the cows and then brought the horses in. Sure felt good to be riding him. Cowy’est horse I have ever ridden and too much get up and go for a leisurely ride, but still and all, fun to ride. Ever sat on a wound up spring, or a rocket? That is kind of what he reminds me of. Just slightly indicate a cow or speed and your eyes are watering!

We got the horses in and I harnessed up and hauled some bales quite a ways out into the pasture, so as to get some fertilizer on some ground that can use it, up on a side hill.

Then I came in and did some stuff for the eating when everyone got here. Cindy had to work so I started a turkey about 9 am and I should have waited a bit longer as it was well past done when we ate about 4. Tate and Kass and family came out for the afternoon and are staying over.

Kids hunted eggs after late dinner.

2 thoughts on “A beautiful Easter day

  1. Regular eggs and eggs with candy in them. I did my darndest to help them out with the candy so they wouldn’t rot their teeth! Cuz that is the nice kind of grampa I am… 🙂

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