Got up at 4:30 this morning, did the chores around here and headed to Chances. Pickup wanted to gel up (seeing as it was below zero and I hadn’t mixed the same stuff in the fuel I usually do) so I turned around and came back home, got the cold car and headed out again. It was snowing softly and real hard to see at times. Too almost 2 hours to get there. Chance had brought Pilgrim for me to ride so he and I got ahorseback and Johhny and Jim tolled the cows close to the corral with the feeder pickup and then we got them penned and went to sorting. Good crew and we got it done pretty quick for the amount of cattle we had and the pens we had to work in. Who ever designed their sorting alley set the gates up backwards, so you can only sort a small jag at a time and then can only split them. Pretty hard to tell the steers from the heifers with all the hair they’ve got and then too lots of the steers had bus holding their sheaths up to their bellies. Almost had to resort to the “feel” method!

We got them done, had a wild cow jump over a tank and fence and ruin the tank and broke a plank on top, to which Johhny commented, “I’ve got more boards…” 😉 Chance had the gate open so she could go out but she was too stupid. Ought to shoot bitches like that.

We loaded the calves and I headed for the Hills. Literally. Had to finish up some stuff from the event we did at Beslers and then headed home. I stopped and bot a few bags of wood pellets as we were out. (Why I wanted to take the pickup this morning) I felt like a redneck loading bags of pellets in the back seat of the car, but oh well….

Dang, we have been spoiled! My fingers are all broken out for this little cold snap. And I am TIRED! A little sleep and the warmer weather coming this way will fix all that, tho’!